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    Welcome to dozi.co.za "The Official Dozi website", giving you an insight into the extremely successful career of the South African artist we have grown to love. Dozi's body of work is one of the largest when it comes to South African singers and exceeds well of over 18 recorded CDs and DVDs including sessions with some of South Africa's most well known Musicians and Singers.

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    Latest News


    July - December, 2015

    Exciting times lined up for the second part of 2015

    Dozi will be kicking of his tour of the Free State, Eastern Cape and Western Cape on the 11th of August 2015, starting in Welkom. Please refer to the "SHOWS" section of this website for more information regarding exact dates and venues.

    On the 30th of October 2015 Dozi will be leaving sunny South Africa to go and perform in Australia and New Zeeland. If you have any friends or relatives residing there please be sure to forward the show information contained in this website to them.


    March, 2014

    Three great events are lined up for Dozi in March 2014:

    1) On the 13th of March Dozi performed in a live broadcast production of the" kykNET Fiestas Toekennings 2014". Earlier that night he performed a song with Karin Zoid and Zolani Mahola from Freshly Ground Fame. He was also asked to start the ending song of the evening (Sit Dit Af), after which he was joined on stage by the cream of the crop of South African entertainment for the grand finale.

    2) On the 16th of March DOZI will be launching his long awaited new CD intitled: Ek kom jou haal. The CD will be available for punches at the launch and in shops by the end of March

    3) As has become customary, DOZI will be holding his big birthday bash party again this year on the 23rd of March. The party will be held @ back 2 the roots and if last year was anything to go by, expect some big surprises this year too.


    December, 2013

    In December 2013, the Soweto String Quartet recorded one of Dozi's classic songs: "Tussen Jou En My", for distribution on their latest (Afrikaans) Instrumental album. Although this is an instrumental CD, Dozi does make a cameo appearance in the song.

    June, 2013

    From the 27th of June to the 14th of July Dozi went on a tour of the United States of America (U.S.A.).

    April, 2013

    Dozi joins the South African Musicians (www.musicians.co.za) management team and his brand new website dozi.co.za goes online.

    March, 2013

    Dozi celebrates his birthday at his live band venue "Back to the Roots". On this special occasion he was entertained on stage by famous South African musicians Dr. Victor, Garth Taylor and Dan Patlansky.

  • Dozi's Live Show

    The Dozi "Live" Experience:

    As a live performer Dozi brings a unique set of skills to the table. During his shows you can expect to hear songs from all walks of life including: Zulu, English and Afrikaans.

    With well over 18 albums to draw from, Dozi has an incredible collection of music to choose from during a live show. By paying his dues in the pub and club circuit early in his career Dozi also have the ability to perform a vast array of cover songs stretching over many genres including: Blues, Rock as well as pop music.

    Throw his incredible acoustic and electric guitar playing into the mix, enhance it with a blues harmonica, then add one of the most unique voices in South Africa .. That's the Dozi "Live" Experience!

    Dozi's 2018 Lineup


    Watch this space ...

  • Dozi's Biography


    Early life ..

    Henk, the youngest child of Theuns and Susan Opperman, was born in Hluhluwe, where he picked up the zoeloe language by playing with his Zulu friends on the farm. His parents decided to move to Standerton to occupy a farm there when Henk was six years old. He started school at Leslie and finished at Evander.
    During his time in school he was already performing at different functions. Henk knew in his heart that there was nothing that he would rather do than to pursue music, this was his one and only career choice. After the army, he went into graphical design studying at the Pretoria Technikon. It was during this time that the nickname Dozi came into the foreground because he was a man that just love to sleep all the time.

    His Road To Success..

    Foot in the door ..

    After joining the South African Police Band he started studying under Hansie Roodt. With years of determination and sweat he finally releases his first album in 1999 called "Mercy".
    In a way the "Mercy" CD was the stepping stone in the success of Dozi. Being unique as one of only a handful of caucasian male South African singers, being fully trilingual, Dozi became the missing link between Black and White South Africans when he was asked to perform traditional Afrikaans songs in Zulu on a popular Afrikaans television program called "Noot vir Noot".

    The Sweet taste of sucsess ..

    Not long after the release of his Zulu gospel album, Dozi released his first Afrikaans album titled: "Op Aanvraag" in 2000. The album becomes an immediate success and skyrockets to the top of the South African charts, selling over 100 000 units. This places Dozi firmly in the double platinum crowd. With the public still wanting the "Op Anvraag" CD and while sales are still continuing to climb, Dozi decides to release his next album: "Storm op die Horison" in December 2001. Staying true to his nature Dozi compiles a 17 track album that contains a mixture of both Afrikaans, English as well as Zulu tracks. "Storm op die Horison" goes platinum. In February 2003 Dozi releases his 4th studio album called: "Siyaya - Ons Gaan" which achieves gold status within the first month of its release. Dozi receives platinum awards for both "Storm op die Horison" and "Siyaya - Ons Gaan" at the Aardklop festival that same year. In Dozis early years as a musician, he became very famous in the local club, pub and restaurant circles. Doing these shows allowed the audiences of then to experience another side of Dozi much different from the music we know today. Doing well established cover songs became his trademark. Because of the constant nagging from his earlier Student and restaurant fans, Dozi releases his "Rocking the World" album in December 2003. This album is a clear "Dozi" interpretation of already popular songs. Seventeen days after its release "Rocking the World" goes gold. While still doing his own performances at the KKNK festival in 2004, Dozi colaborated with many other well known South African musicians like Jannie Moolman and the Afrika Mamas. This production receives a Kanna award for the most popular production at the festival. In August of 2004 Dozi fills an emptiness in his music career as well as his fans by releasing his very first DVD recording: "Dozi Live at the Rendezvous". His new Afrikaans album "Kruispad" gets released at the Aardklop festival that same year and also achieves platinum status. "Kuispad" shows Dozis diversity to perform almost any song from the heart, hence it be serious or comedic.

  • Hits Play List



    Hande Vol Genade (CD)

    Almost 2 years after the release of Dozi's Rocking the World Album he surprises us with a brand new original album in Afrikaans and English. (BUY NOW!)


    Mercy (CD)

    "Mercy" was Dozi's first studio album. Released as a gospel album in 1999, the CD contained nine original Zulu gospel songs. "Mercy" would later open the door to great things for Dozi. (BUY)

    Op Aanvraag (CD)

    In 2000 "Op Aanvraag" was Dozi's first release in Afrikaans. This is one of the CDs that defined his music style. With hits like: Ou Ryperd, Tussen Jou en My and Ek Dink Aan Jou. (BUY)

    Storm Op Die Horison (CD)

    "Storm op die Horison" released in 2001, combines a mixture of new Afrikaans, English and Zulu songs inluding some great medleys like the Fire and the Blues Medleys. (BUY)

    Siyaya - Ons Gaan (CD)

    "Siyaya Ons Gaan ........" realesed early 2003, was again a multilingual album that featured industry changing hits like: Staan Net 'n Bietjie Stil and Maby My Baby. (BUY)

    Rockin' The World (CD)

    With the exception of the first track on the album "Ossewa", the rest of the "Rockin' the World" (2003) consists of a variety of English Rock Cover Songs celebrating Dozi's early years. (BUY)

    Live In Die Rendezvous (DVD)

    Dozi's first live DVD " Live In Die Rendezvous" recorded in 2004, is a must get compilation DVD consisting of 18 tracks containing the best Dozi songs spanning across 1999 through to 2004. (BUY)

    Kruispad (CD)

    Also released in 2004, his album "Kruispad". An Afrikaans only album with the exception of the last song " Vulindlela". Hits include: Grassade In Die Wind and Kinders Van Die Wind.. (BUY)

    Grootste Treffers (CD/DVD)

    Finally after many years and many hits Dozi releases his first greatest hits album " Grootste Treffers" in 2006. This is a CD/DVD combo containing all Dozi's hits from 1999-2006. (BUY)

    Kom 'n Bietjie Binne (CD)

    "Kom 'n Bietjie Binne" was a breakthrough album for Dozi in 2006 by incorporating producers JB Arthur and Sibusiso Victor Masondo (Freshlyground's fame). (BUY)

    Wat Kom Nou? (CD)

    "Wat Kom Nou?" Is a tribute album promised by Dozi to his dad that passed away in 2007. The album contains all the Chris Blignaut songs his dad used to love. (BUY)

    Creedence Clearwater Revival (CD)

    "Explodes With The Music Of Creedence Clearwater Revival" is the CD version of the live performance recorded at Emperor's Palace. Tracks include: Cotton Fields, Suzie Q, Lodi and many more. (BUY)

    Creedence Clearwater Revival (DVD)

    "Explodes With The Music Of Creedence Clearwater Revival" DVD was recorded live at Emperor's Palace in 2008. The DVD contains all the CCR hits plus some bonus features (Interview with Dozi) and other songs including "Onderwater". (BUY)

    Voel So Reg (CD)

    In 2009 Dozi released "Voel So Reg". The Album contains 14 great tracks including songs recorded with other South African legends Ray Dylan and Irene van Wyk. (BUY)

    Live (DVD)

    In 2009 Dozi released his second 'best of' DVD simply called "Live". This DVD contains 13 tracks including the hits: Dobbelstene, Ek Dink Aan Jou, Diep Spore, Jantjie (In Zoeloe) and many more. (BUY)

    Beste Snitte (CD/DVD)

    In August of 2009 Dozi released another DVD called "Beste Snitte". This 2 disc CD/DVD combo contains 12 of Dozi's greatest hits on CD as well as DVD.. (BUY)

    It Takes Two with Nianell (CD)

    "It Takes Two" featuring Dozi and Nianell is the audio CD which later lead to the live DVD that was recorded live at Silverstar Casino. (BUY)

    It Takes Two with Nianell (CD)

    "It Takes Two" (The DVD) featuring Dozi and Nianell was recorded live at Silverstar Casino. This duet combination is captured on a 20 Track DVD. Including special features: Interviews and Behind the Scenes looks. (BUY)

    10 Great Songs (CD)

    "10 Great Songs" is exactly what the name implies, containing some of Dozi's greatest songs in 2009. The album is a mixture of Afrikaans, English and Zulu songs. (BUY)

    You're The One That I Want - Take 2 (CD)

    In late 2010 Dozi decided to regroup with his duo partner Nianel. This reunion let to another great 14 track album featuring Dozi and Nianel as a duet. (BUY)

    Terug By Die Begin (CD)

    "Terug by die Begin" was Dozi's 2011 album release. The CD contains 17 amazing new songs ranging from Afrikaans to Zulu. (BUY)

    Rockin' The World 2 (CD)

    In February 2012 Dozi releases his second English 'Cover' album "Rockin' The World 2", containing 19 hit tracks that has inspired Dozi over the years. (BUY)

    "Watch This Space"

    Watch This Space for new releases by Dozi.

  • Dozi's Back to the Roots

    Live Music Venue

    Dozi's Back to the Roots is a live music and entertainment venue in Hartbeespoort. Delicious food and great Music. Fun for the whole family! See the CONTACT selection of this web site for GPS Coordinates.

    Located in Hartbeespoort, Back to the Roots is a live music venue for families, both young and old. Open on Sundays from 11am till late. At Dozi's we have an entertainment area for children of all ages with a Jungle gym and a jumping castle. For the hungry there is a full menu to choose from. Dozi provides "live" music to suit all tastes as well as performances by some of South Africa's top artists.

    Contact us on 083 445 1042 or send a mail to bookings@dozi.co.za or visit our FaceBook Page for more information.

    Our Live Shows

    February 2018

    25 February - Dozi & Jay (R80/pp)

    March 2018

    04 March - Dozi & Ricus Nel (R60/pp)
    11 March - Dozi & Fatman & Caroline Grace (R50/pp)
    18 March - Dozi & Juan Boucher (R60/pp)
    25 March - Dozi & Dr. Victor (B-Day Bash) (R70/pp)

    April 2018

    01 April - Dozi & Saarkie (R50/pp)
    08 April - Dozi & Nicholis Louw (R60/pp)
    15 April - Dozi & Francois van Coke (R80/pp)
    22 April - Dozi & Karlien van Jaarsveld (R100/pp)
    29 April - Dozi & Ray Dylan (R60/pp)

    May 2018

    06 May - Dozi & Country Bonanza (R100/pp)
    27 May - Dozi & Adam (R60/pp)

    June 2018

    03 June - Dozi & Elvis Blue (R100/pp)
    10 June - Dozi & Refentse (R70/pp)
    17 June - Dozi & Spoegwolf (R90/pp)

    July 2018

    01 July - Dozi & Stephan Visagie (R50/pp)
    08 July - Dozi & Jennifer Zamudio (R50/pp)
    22 July - Dozi & Elandre Schwartz (R70/pp)
    29 July - Dozi & Sorina (Die Flooze) (R70/pp)

    August 2018

    26 August - Dozi & Jo Black (R100/pp)

    September 2018

    02 September - Dozi & Steve Hofmeyr (R120/pp)
    09 September - Dozi & Snotkop (R100/pp)

    October 2018

    28 October - Dozi & Bobby van Jaarsveld (R100/pp)

  • Dozi's Back to the Roots Location

    Management & Bookings: (South African Musicians)

    P.O.Box 295,
    Ifafi, 0260.
    Telephone: 012 259 1774
    Cell Phone: 083 445 1042
    Fax Number: 086 613 9948
    E-mail: madelein@dozi.co.za

    Contact Form

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